Impact Aid and Lunch Forms

Hello Rogers Community,

The district and I are asking for your assistance in returning vital forms back to the high school. Your children have received "Free and Reduced Lunch Forms" and "Impact Aid Forms", which should have been brought home. The information provided by these forms is helpful in the district recouping funds and providing appropriate support to students.
The "Free and Reduced Lunch Forms" allow the school to provide meals to qualified students at a free or reduced rate. The information contained is confidential and private and is handle with the utmost care. Families need to provide this information on an annual basis in order to remain eligible. Please, if you need this kind of assistance, complete the form and return it to school, as soon as possible. The completed form can bee dropped off in my office.
The "Impact Aid Forms" allows us the recoup money from the Federal Government, which is vital to the district and school budget. These forms need to be completed with the appropriate information and sections filled-in. Then the form needs to be signed and dated, and returned to school. If you have this form at home, please sign and date and return to the Principals office as soon as possible.
Thank you again for your attention to this important topic!
Jared B. Vance M.Ed.