School Committee Seeking Volunteers for Subcommittees

The Newport School Committee is seeking community members to serve on various subcommittees. If you are interested in serving on a subcommittee, please submit a letter of interest which outlines relevant experience and background for the subcommittee in which you wish to serve to no later than January 28, 2019.

*District Strategic Planning
*Public Relations/Community
*Facilities Outreach
*Finance Advisory/Audit
*Wellness/Safety/Mental Health

Members of the Strategic Planning Subcommittee work in conjunction with teachers, administrators, parents, and community partners to determine goals, develop strategic initiatives, and contribute to the formation of implementation plans to promote each initiative.

The Facilities subcommittee, made up of school, community, and City representatives discuss and oversee plans for facilities maintenance, energy, capital improvement projects and budgeting for such projects.

The Finance Advisory/Audit Subcommittee makes recommendation to the Newport School Committee during the budget development process and is involved in regular discussions and consideration of financial matters and monitoring finances of the department.

The Policy subcommittee is charged with creating new district policies, as well as reviewing and updating current policies to align with state regulations and district needs. The subcommittee shares proposed policy changes with the full School Committee for discussion and action.

The Public Relations/Community Outreach Subcommittee will promote Newport Public Schools, connect with community partners, and review processes and procedures for community outreach through external communications such as press releases, website and social media.

The Wellness subcommittee makes recommendations regarding the district's health education curriculum and instruction, physical education curriculum and instruction, and nutrition and physical activity policies to enhance the health and well-being of students and employees.   The school health and wellness subcommittee shall be responsible for, but not limited to, development of policies, strategies, and implementation plans that promote purchasing and serving locally grown fruits, vegetables and dairy products and that meet the requirements of the child nutrition and WIC Reauthorization Act of 2004.