PrepareRI Youth Apprenticeship Program

PrepareRI Youth Apprenticeship Program  
If you are a junior looking to jump right into a career pathway, consider the PrepareRI Youth Apprenticeship Program. The PrepareRI Youth Apprenticeship program is an opportunity for Rhode Island students to start a pathway directly into a career while still in high school.  The program combines a classroom component and a work-based learning component, leading to a paid full-time job and/or paid Registered Apprenticeship upon successful completion.  Through CCRI’s Running Start program, students will take college-level courses at CCRI their senior year to build employer-demanded technical skills, meet high school graduation requirements, and earn college credit.  
The application is currently open to JUNIORS to participate in the program for their SENIOR year. The program combines senior year with college classes and hands-on career training with a guaranteed job placement. 
Click here for print-friendly APPRENTICESHIP FLYER
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To be eligible, students must:
-be entering 12th grade in the fall of 2019
-be on track to graduate high school in June 2020
-have a 2.5 cumulative GPA (there is slight wiggle room if a student is under)
-apply to the CCRI Running Start program 
Pharmacy Technician: Assist in pharmaceutical preparations and complete daily required tasks in any pharmacy environment; earn a nationally recognized credential.
Medical Assistant: Cross-trained in administrative and clinical duties to work alongside physicians in settings such as medical offices and clinics. 
Process Technologist: Work in a large diversity of industries ranging from pharmaceuticals, chemicals, food and beverages, plastics, materials testing, brewing/distilleries, etc. Process techs work closely with engineers and other technicians with specialties such as process control, instrumentation, electronics, and techniques to adjust and optimize conditions for the production of current and innovative products. Watch this video to learn more about process techs and what they do.
Horticultural and Landscape Technician: RINLA’s Registered Apprenticeship program begins at the level called Horticulture and Landscape Technician, which provides mentored on-the-job learning, additional instruction, and pathways to diverse, meaningful careers, such as fine gardening, propagation and production, landscape construction and maintenance, masonry, arborist, and more.