Administration Office

Hello Rogers High School Community,

In collaboration with the Director of NACTC, Robert Young and I and with Superintendent Jermain's support, in an effort to salvage the Library Media Center at Rogers High School,  we have identified alternative space on the Rogers Campus to house the Administration Offices. Knowing that this move is temporary and needs to be cost effective, we will be relocating two computer labs into the NACTC Building. These two labs will be fully functioning and accessible within the NACTC Building and will be able to support the programs in which they were intended. Within Rogers High School, these two spaces along with a smaller conference/office space will be redesigned and refurbished into the Administration Offices. This move brings a reduced cost to the district, as well as, salvages the Library Media Center. We truly appreciate the community support and the collaborative efforts of Mr. Young and Superintendent Jermain in order to create a more appealing and cost effective plan.
Jared B. Vance M.Ed.
Principal - Rogers High School