Senior Project: Senior project should be something you take pride in – this is your chance to leave your legacy with a memorable project. Senior Project or a comparable product is a requirement of RIDE and, therefore, must bear some weight in the graduation process. One-half credit (0.5) value will be entered on the transcript upon completion of all components and is obligatory if a student is to be awarded a district diploma. Each component is scored and has a due date attributed to it. This process will be monitored and scored by the Senior Project Coordinator. 

 The Senior Project consists of college/career components and community service. All students are required to complete a resume, essay, letter of intent, and final presentation. In addition students must complete 15 hours of community service or a job shadowing/internship that coincides with their senior project topics. 


Important Due Dates:

Resume - September 28th, 2023

Essay - October 19th, 2023

Letter of Intent - November 16th, 2023

Hours - February 22nd, 2023

Presentation Day - March, 2024

There is a copy of the handbook for senior project in the "Senior Project 2024" google classroom that all seniors have been invited to.

Karl Magner
Program Coordinator
Newport Community School