Student Expectations

The Rogers High School Community has identified and adopted four core Student Learning Expectations that support the accomplishments of the school’s Mission and are aligned with the standards and performance indicators identified in district and school curriculum documents.

These interdisciplinary expectations encompass academic, civic, and social outcomes and identify what a Rogers High School student should know and be able to do.  
      Students will demonstrate the acquisition of a body of knowledge by:

  • Integrating and applying acquired skills and knowledge

  • Applying research skills

  • Using a variety of technology tools

  • Implementing academic and career decision-making skills

      Students will communicate effectively by:

  • Writing clearly and concisely

  • Listening attentively in a variety of settings

  • Speaking clearly

  • Reading for understanding

  • Using other forms of expression 

      Students will work cooperatively and/or independently to demonstrate the ability to solve problems by:

  • Defining the problem accurately

  • Collecting, organizing and analyzing information

  • Identifying and evaluating appropriate strategies

  • Selecting, implementing and evaluating a plan of action

  • Drawing logical, in-depth conclusions

      Students will demonstrate a knowledge and understanding of the rights and responsibilities necessary to learn, live and work in a culturally diverse and democratic society by:

  • Contributing to the well-being of the school and community

  • Taking responsibility for personal and academic choices

  • Exhibiting integrity and a high level of effort toward goal attainment

  • Recognizing and respecting the diversity an individuality of others