Dress Code

Dress reflects the quality of the school. Student clothing should promote thoughtful and modest choices (examples: no underwear showing, no muscle shirts, no see-through garments, no midriff shirts, no shorts, skorts or skirts shorter than fingertip length.  Shoulder straps at least 2 inches wide, necklines should not be revealing, no hats.

The following dress and grooming code is not meant to be restrictive, but is intended to guide students and their parents/guardians in choosing clothing that is safe and appropriate to wear in school. Students are expected to observe basic standards of cleanliness, modesty, and good grooming.

The following articles of clothing shall NOT be worn in school:

  • No Hats.

  • No clothing with designs or wording that is obscene, vulgar, lewd, or lascivious.

  • No clothing with designs or wording referring to alcohol or drugs, including tobacco products.

  • No clothing that depicts, in any form, acts of violence/gangs or inappropriate symbols or writing.

  • Tank tops must have shoulder straps at least 2" wide or more.

  • No midriff blouses/shirts, halter tops, tube tops, see-through clothing, and/or low cut blouses and shirts. Tops must overlap/tuck into the bottom layer at all times. (No skin showing.)

  • No strapless dresses.

  • No extremely large or baggy clothes. Outerwear (coats, jackets, zipped hooded sweatshirts) must be kept in lockers at all times.

  • No bandanas or clothing made from bandana fabric.

  • No jelly bracelets/silly bands, chains or chains as jewelry (more than 1/8 inch in width) may be worn. Also, no pendants over one half inch may be worn (please refer to state violence policy in the student handbook).

  • No clothing, insignia, buttons, labels, armbands, signs or other items that display offensive language or images, disrupt class work or show disrespect to others will not be worn, carried, or distributed on school property.

  • No slippers, pajamas or other similar clothing.

  • Students shall refrain from wearing any other item of clothing or jewelry that is likely to be disruptive in a proper educational environment.