Interesting Web Resources

  • Typing Games

    This is a site used by students when they complete their work in class. It is full of all different typing games to give them a more fun experience with keyboarding skills.

  • Keyboarding Program

    This is a link to the keyboarding program used by students each class. Each student has a log in to get into their account to complete lessons.

  • Keyboard Challenge

    This is a fun, interactive website that tests the students' knowledge of the keyboard. Users simply choose the keyboard they want, and attempt to drag and drop the keys into their correct location.

  • Cyber Security-Passwords

    This is a free website that is endorsed by the Newport Police Cyber Security Department. It will evaluate the effectiveness of passwords. This is an important skill that we teach students during our Cyber Security Unit.

  • Hour of Code

    This is a link to the website we used for our Hour of Code week-long event in December. Even though the "Hour of Code" is completed, the website is still available for tutorials on computer coding.