Missed Performance Make-up Assignments

Missed Performance Make-up Assignments

All TMS Band performances are mandatory graded events. You may complete a missed performance make-up assignment from the following options:


Make-up assignments must be submitted within one week of the missed performance. Essay's must be typed (12 pitch) and double spaced.  Use separate cover page with name, date, and missed-performance date. Essay will be graded based on content, proper grammar and spelling.


Option 1: Song Research Essay

Choose a song performed by the TMS Band during the current school year to research and submit a 1-2 page essay.


Option 2: Video Performance Essay

Watch one of the assigned videos and submit a 1-2 page essay about the performance. 

Follow the links below to view the assignment videos.

Ohio State Marching Band

Boston Pops Martha's Vineyard Performance 


Option 3: "Music is Important to Me" Essay 

Submit a 1-2 page essay about why music is important to you. Discussion points are not limited to, but may include:

- Why did you choose your instrument?

- Who are your musical influences? Why?

- What styles of music do you like? Why?

- What songs have special meaning to you? Why?