NPS Medication Policy

Notice of Procedure for Dispensing Medication at School

In cases where your child's physician has determined the necessity for medication to be given in school, the following procedures will be followed:

1. All medication to be administered in school must first be sent to the attention of the school nurse/teacher.

2. Only FDA approved medication prescribed by a licensed health care provider with prescriptive privileges will be dispensed. ( No herbal substances will be dispensed.)

3. The prescribing physician must complete the Doctor's Order section of the attached medication form.

4. You must also submit the Parent Request section at the top of the form.

5. If the medication is to be continued longer than stated on the Doctor's order section, a new form must be submitted.

6. Medication must be brought to school in its original, properly labeled container by a responsible adult.

7. The Newport School Department will not be held responsible if the medication is lost or stolen.

8. In the event of a field trip, students are allowed to self-carry and self-administer one dose of the prescribed medication. This medication must be sent from home in a properly labeld prescription bottle.


Our first priority is your children's health and safety.


Thank you for taking these procedures seriously.