Supply List

Students are encouraged to get the following supplies to help them be prepared for a successful year:

Binder or Notebook - a 1 or 1.5 inch binder or 1 subject notebooko should be fine.

Dividers - these will be used to create sections in the binder (notes, homework, class work, assessments)

Lined Paper - for the binder if you & your student decide to go that route.

Graph Paper - This will be useful for some units during the year, but probably won't be needed to start the year.

Pencils - pens are also fine, but I encourage students to use pencils in class.

Calculators - the Chromebooks may have one built in.  If not, we cannot lend them this year.

Protractor - we cannot lend them this year.

As a school we do have extras of some of the supplies if any student would need help in getting them.  The student is encouraged to speak with me if that's the case and I'll do my best to track down what I can.  We will not be able to share supplies this year though.