Dear Family Member: 

Welcome to fifth grade.  I am an English Language Arts teacher and look forward to working with you and your child.  The first two weeks of school are an exciting time for readers.  Our class will learn how to read fiction stories and nonfiction articles carefully.  We will learn about the routines and procedures that we will use in our reading class throughout the year. 


 During this time our class will focus on:

  • Ways to talk about their reading with partners and the class.

  • Strategies to help them pronounce long words.

  • Strategies to figure out the meanings of hard words they read.

  • How to find important details in fiction stories and nonfiction articles as they read.

  • How to analyze what they read and write about it.

Here are two activities you can do to help your child get ready to read.

  • Read together a fiction story.  Discuss what happens in the story and who the characters are.

  • Read together a nonfiction book or article.  Ask your child what the story is about.  Discuss what kinds of photos and images they see.  What can they learn from these images?

This year your child will learn how to become a confident and fluent reader.  Your interest and enthusiasm will support your child's efforts. 

If you have any questions or concerns at any point in the year, please don't hesitate to email or call. 

Thanks for your support, 


 Ryan Collins

5th grade

401-847-1493 extension 121