Family Support Services including Family Service Coordinators

The Family Services Office's role is to support school/home connections, connect parents with essential community resources, help families to be more involved in their children’s education, encourage daily school attendance, and assist children with transitions.  We are here to support you and your family to have a successful school year.  Our office is located on site at the Pell Elementary School in the Family Office and we are here daily to help families, students, teachers, and other staff. 

 The Family Office operates under the Newport Family and Child Opportunity Zone which is a program of East Bay Community Action Program.  This allows us to connect you to a comprehensive array of health and social services in the community.

 Our team consists of:

Mark McKenna, Family Service Coordinator

Taylor Ardito, Family Services Manager

 Mark and Taylor have extensive experience in supporting and providing resources to families to ensure a successful school experience.  They work in partnership with Newport Schools, parents, EBCAP, and the community to support overall student success.

 We look forward to meeting and working with every family at the Pell School.  Please stop by our office to let us know how we may best assist you.