2023-2024 NAVSTANPT Military Parent Handbook

CNIC School Liaison General Information Page

The Newport Naval Station's School Liaison Officer is Pamela Martin.

School Liaison Officer is the primary point of contact between the military installation, the local school administration, including parents and the community at large. The School Liaison Officer Program helps installation and regional commanders work with state departments of education and local school districts to ensure school personnel are aware of the stressors on military families brought about by frequent transitions and extended deployments. These education professionals are located on all major military  installations and serve as "links" between military families and schools.

 The School Liaison Officer specializes in serving military families and offers a wide spectrum of services, enabling families to become more involved in their child's educational experience.

 Services include:

 - Supporting families with inbound/outbound school transfers; 
 - Providing information on local schools and boundaries;
 - Assisting with school choice; 
 - Helping families understand the special education process; 
 - Providing information about graduation requirements; 
 - Making military and community agency referrals; 
 - Supporting families with the homeschooling process; and 
 - Assisting with post-secondary preparation.

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