Looking Back

  • Rogers High School, built in 1957, identified as school facility “most in need of replacement” in the state of Rhode Island.

  • Pell Elementary School identified as overcrowded and in need of expansion.

  • School Building Committee was formed and explored many alternative sites and sizes for Pell expansion and Rogers. The final recommendation was to expand Pell and build a new Rogers High School.

  • Newport received State approval in June 2020 for a new, safe, warm, dry and innovative high school and an addition to Pell with adequate space for Pre-K to 4th grade.

  • The new Rogers design will create a fully integrated state of the art academic, career and life skills facility that enables all students to take Advanced Placement courses, Career Technical Training, Internships and life skills curriculum. The facility will become a Community Asset used by residents, military and neighboring communities for career training, life skills, health and wellness in the evenings, weekends and summer.

Bond Funding

  • Total Project Bond Funding $106,334,967 with State reimbursement of 52.5% which includes 17.5% in short term state incentives.

  • Funding includes: Project management, design/engineering, site work, construction, demolition, parking, road work, furnitture, landscaping, and contingency.

Project Timelines

  • At time of Bond Pell Addition was to start Feb 2021 and open Fall of 2023. This has been fast-tracked to Open Fall of 2022!

  • At time of Bond the new Rogers start was Feb 2021 and open is targetted for Fall of 2024.