Home School Instruction

Please forward a letter to the Superintendent of Schools (as indicated on the right) requesting to home school your child/children. Please include the name, age, date of birth and grade of your child/children.

Fill out the Home Based Instruction Curriculum Form, and return it with your Letter of Request.

You must submit your Letter of Request and completed Curriculum Form to the Office of the Superintendent of Schools two weeks prior to the Monthly Meeting of the Newport School Committee. The Newport Committee Meetings are held the second Tuesday of each month, with the exception of July.

For your information, please find links to the Newport Public Schools’ Home Instruction Policy, the Rhode Island Department of Education (www.ride.ri.gov), “Frequently Asked Questions on Home Instruction”, and the Rhode Island General Laws addressing At-Home Instruction.

Should you have any questions, please call Elba Cruz, Secretary, Office of the Director of Teaching, Learning & Professional Development , (401) 619-5384, or e-mail elbacruz@npsri.net.

NPS Policy 5167 Students - Administrative Policies - Home Schooling

Home Instruction Curriculum Application Form (to be filled out)

Home Instruction Curriculum Application Form (pdf version)

Title 16 Education Chapter 16-19 Compulsory Attendance Section 16-19-2 Approval of private schools

To Submit a Home Instruction Request:

By Mail:

Newport Public Schools
Attn:  Elba Cruz
Home Instruction Request

109 Old Fort Road
Newport, RI  02840-3898

Email:   elbacruz@npsri.net

Requests are considered at the regular monthly meeting of the Newport School Committee, held on the second Tuesday, of each month of the school year.  To be placed on the monthly agenda, requests must be received by the close of business on the last Friday of the previous month.

RIDE Home Instruction FAQ

In Rhode Island, approval of home instruction occurs at the local school district level. If you are thinking of home-schooling your child, and you live in Newport, please follow the directions indicated to the left or call the Superintendent’s Office for additional information at (401) 847-2100, Extension 5376.

This link is meant to give a simple, general overview of the process of home instruction in Rhode Island. This is not a legal memorandum.