Attendance Matters

Attendance Matters! That’s the name of the Rhode Island Department of Education’s campaign this school year to focus everyone on the most basic step you can take to help ensure your child gets a great education . . . attending school every day. Attendance matters because research shows that students who miss even a few days of school miss out on critical learning time. Did you know that just missing a day or two of school a month can have lasting effects on learning loss? Did you know that students that have good attendance usually are students that have better academic achievement and success?

Newport Public Schools fully supports the Attendance Matters initiative, and we’re making attendance one of our absolute top priorities this school year. 

You can do your part by establishing a routine with your child. That includes a regular wakeup time, a regular get to school time, and a post school routine including homework time, a time to talk with your child about their school day, and a regular bedtime.